What is Snowcor?

Snowcor LLC is a United States based company that helps people with their online dating needs, whether it’s with our book, our Complete Profile Transformation, or Complete Profile Management.  Check out our Services for details of each.

Is there an age requirement?

All customers must be 18 years of age or older.

Is this available in other countries?

We offer our services to individuals in any English speaking country.  Stay tuned for future planned updates!

Is this safe?

There is always assumed risk associated with online dating.  We always recommend meeting people for the first time in well lit, public places.  You must judge your safety for yourself.  Snowcor LLC does not screen the people you will meet.  Our Terms of Services that you agree to highlight more.

Is this dishonest?

Many people meet their significant others for the first time through their friends.  Think of us as the friend who introduced you to your significant other.

Won’t my dates be able to tell I’m different than the person who was writing for me?

No, aside from maybe bringing up a major theme of someone’s profile (such as a job, college, etc.), most people’s conversations ‘reset’ when they meet in real life and it is exceptionally rare that anyone would talk specifically about previous messages.  We don’t recommend you bringing up the service you used; however, it might make for a funny conversation piece far in the future.
Chatting online is just a very basic process of whether or not people would like to have an initial in-person meeting.  In addition, we have created ‘you’ in your profiles.  We write as you.  The person they will be imagining is you.

What if I find a specific profile that I like?

If you find a specific profile that you like, feel free to let us know and we will get in contact with them.

What guarantees are there?

While we work our magic very hard on people for you, we cannot force them to be attracted to you, only increase the chances; However, we always follow through on our minimum guaranteed number of phone numbers or dates with your service package:
We guarantee to get you a minimum of 2 phone numbers or dates with our Complete Profile Management – Standard Package.  There is no maximum number.
We guarantee to get you a minimum of 4 phone numbers or dates with our Complete Profile Management – Premium Package.  There is no maximum number.

What refund/compensation policy is there?

We offer one refund/compensation policy.  Though it’s extremely unlikely that we wouldn’t be able to follow through on the number of phone numbers or dates that we’re offering you, anything is possible in life.  If you didn’t receive any phone numbers or dates after your 30 days of service from Snowcor, we will offer you one of the two following options:
1.  Another 30 days of your purchased service, on us this time!
– Or –
2.  Half of your money back.

Can I cancel my service and reactivate it at another time?

Yes, you may Contact Us and let us know to cancel your service and you may reactivate the remaining number of days left within 30 days of giving us notice.  The number of days you have left with your service will expire after 30 days of inactivity.

Can I jump into the messaging with the person writing for me?

Yes, feel free to intervene at any time; Just beware that you intervening may reduce chances for phone numbers or dates with that person.

How many dating profiles will you manage?

At your decision, we will manage 1 profile with our Complete Profile Management – Standard Package, or we will manage up to 2 profiles with our Complete Profile Management – Premium Package.  Check our Services for more information about each service.

Is my information safe?

Yes, all information you give to Snowcor is secure.

I have more questions!

No problem, Contact Us and ask away!  We will respond within 2 business days.